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Independence Day!

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Independence Day!
  • In Texas!!
    We are having our annual party.
    Slightly smaller this year.

    My high school friend makes a stop tomorrow.
    The weather also makes a return to winter tomorrow night.
    The lowest temps all winter. 20's.
    It will be windy also so hard to cover any plants.
    We will have to just see what survives I guess.

    I hope everyone has a fun safe weekend!
  • Very Disappointing day today.  I thought a horse show was starting yesterday and continuing through Sunday.  Turns out the registration for the show opened Friday.  However I was communicating all month with the volunteer coordinator and even emailed her the last few days concerning being there today.  I got there and no show.  Lots of snobby Hunter-Jumper people around, but no carriage driving people.  A two hundred mile trip and a hundred dollars in gas right down the tubes!