No green yet on the mesquite tree.
It was 80* yesterday but there is a freeze forecast for Sunday and Monday night.

There are some big mesquites here.
The ones I check are both on the neighboring properties of here and the cabin.
Lots of places clear them because they take too much water from the other trees.
Same reasoning for clearing cedars. I like them both.

There were beautiful cedars on my grandfather's lakeshore place where I spent summers as a kid.
I love the scent of cedar.
The mesquites here have yellow flowers, bad thorns and beans that can be made into jelly.

I had sis over last night for rueben sandwiches.
She had said it was her favorite awhile bak which I ddi not know.

I corned a brisket, got the rye bread which there is no pumpernickel any more in stores around here.
Odd since Fredericksburg is a German town? I got bavarian style *** and made my mother's recipe for 1000 island.
Sis was in rueben heaven except she says now ordering a rueben in a restaurant will never compare.

Connie sorry for the lameness. Abcess equals patience?
I am considering pulling Tonto's shoes. At least his backs to start. My farrier retired and me not able to do shoes I need to get them all down to trimming.
Farrier has a friend who has taken all his clients but mine and one other horse. He will have to come and do shoes now. Jet has fronts also.

Volunteer day so need to go.
Everyone have a great one!