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Sunday Switch
  • Friend's schedule changed due to a blizzard in MN.
    They won't be stopping for a visit until their return trip.
    Sunday family dinner instead at Sis's.

    I hope this Spring weather here holds.
    Our almond tree has bloomed. The Mexican plum and Mountain Laurels have started also.
    I could smell the Laurel when I went to the barn the other night.
    I looked in the morning and there was only one bloom but the whole yard and barn area was scented.

    The ageritas started blooming last week already. There is a huge beautiful one we pass on the way to feed cows.
    The blooms smell wonderful. The thorns on them are awful but people insist the fruit makes good jelly. NOT.
    It has very beautiful but strange yellow colored wood.

    Today is Tonto's Birthday. He is 21.

    Everyone have a lovely Sunday!
  • Happy Birthday Tonto the Wonder Horse!

    The Mountain Laurel in CT wasn't very fragrant but it was lovely.

    The ageritas is mesquite? I do love the jelly. Also prolific in Hawaii where it was planted to make the natives wear shoes. Pretty horrible.

    Chilly here still. Snow on the mountains all around. This is a crazy place. Still loving work.

    Still no sale on the CT house. Yet another contract has fallen through. I'm sick of playing with these people who can't come up with money to buy but shop anyway.

    My stuff finally shipped and is on the way here!! YAY my table and clothes and stuff! I don't really have much stuff but there are things I'd like to have here with me rather than paying storage in CT.

    I've been swinging back and forth on  how I feel about the guy. Very difficult to make my heart let go. I do care about him and always will. The past week or so has been a lot better, thank God (literally).

    I went to a Blessing of the Donkeys yesterday. Very nice. I posted pictures on fb.

    I'm sorry I'm not on here much but I don't have internet and I get on to pay bills periodically using my hotspot. Fact is I'm on fb way too much and c-d forum, too. Hoping to be writing.

    Much love to all including R&C. I miss you guys. I hope I get to visit at some point. I have a lot of use-or-lose vacation time so ... OH my son in Memphis is not flooded. No issues there. Not so the rest of the state. I'm re-thinking moving to TN when I retire. I just don't know what to do. I know Durango is doing will in AZ. I was going to see her this weekend but ....snow. She got a foot. Very unusual for that area.

    Happy Sunday to all. Have a great week!