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Saturday Sass

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Saturday Sass
  • A friend from high school is passing through today, She has a huge sassy personality.
    Her husband's parents live on the coast.
    She is also a friend of my Sis and we are going to do a ham dinner at Sis's house.

    Tomorrow B and Pilot are going to run a 5K. It is sponsored by the PTO.
    They are working on getting in shape for a hiking trip in Big Bend with the nephews.

    Speaking of another Sass, Miss Sarcee ditched her bell fly veil on the second day of wearing it.
    Luckily I was able to foil her by putting more bells on a fly mask.
    I think I have a goat bell somewhere for another spare but the fly mask is pretty secure.
    Silly girl. I don't see another option for allowing Tonto any freedom. Possibly I can try putting bells on Jet.
    Then Jet and Sarcee can work at dumping Tonto off on each other. I feel that would add confusion for Tonto?

    Stude - Thanks for the sand colic info. I will use the psyllium as a precaution.
    I am hoping it is only the one bale that has dirt.

    I did get Chica's fronts done.
    Farrier's back surgery got cancelled due to his cardiac doc asking for a heart cath.

    Everyone have a swell Saturday!

  • We have had rain everyday since LAST Saturday. Mostly it has been nothing more than a constant mist, but we are a muddy mess at the barn. So the rain ends today and then a beautiful week, then it comes back for the weekend.

    DeRedNecked around the house. Lots of junk just piling around, loaded the truck and took it to the dump. Next trip will be a pile of dead chairs behind the hay storage shelter.