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Wednesday Upswing

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Wednesday Upswing
  • We had a couple cold murky days. We are on the upswing again for the next week.
    Except for rain chances on Friday.

    Stude I was wondering about senility in horses the other day.
    I am glad that isn't an issue with Tonto.

    I also was wondering about sand colic.
    This last round bale has some red dirt in it.
    I am shaking out as much as I can and they are picking through it.
    I really hope for some good upcoming hay years.

    Everyone is needing trim job again.
    I can get a couple feet done today maybe.
    14 hooves. A couple every other day will only take me two weeks?
    Farrier is having back surgery today. I hope it is the answer to prayers.

    Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!
  • Connie, we add psyllium into our horse's diet for a week, once a month.  Our hay comes with a lot of dust and sand.  Also, we have one horse that has eaten sand since she was a foal.  The Psyllium carries this out of their system.  We use a product called For-A-Flex Apple Psyllium.  It's expensive, however much less so than a Vet bill for Colic.  Far less worrisome than dealing with colic as well.  If your daily bucket has wet or damp contents, put the Psyllium on top.  Otherwise it becomes rather gooey and the horses won't like it.  Best insurance I know of against sand colic and enteroliths.  Arabs and enteroliths, go together like a horse and carriage, so to speak. 

    Well it got bitterly cold last night as soon as the sun went down.  However, it didn't snow as predicted.  VERY happy about that!  I have yet to attempt getting into Fawn Lodge.  I'm dreading that driveway!

    The retaining wall I have been working on in preparation for the new tackroom is coming along nicely.  I was rather hoping the cement I poured yesterday would set before freezing and it did!    As soon as that project is finished, I can begin on the kitchen.  Jmebear is really looking forward to that one!  She really wants to start cooking on that old O'Keefe and Merrit of mine.  Also, I will be able to build her a nice big pantry that will afford her a lot more storage.  Ah, the projects never end...

    Hope everyone has a great week!