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Weekend went by

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Weekend went by
  • I had a headache so didn't really accomplish anything.
    Stude the light problem on the Rav turned out to be a fuse after all. Just very difficult to see that it was burned out.
    Lesson learned I guess.

    I am glad Spirit and sis are doing well. Muscle does disappear fast. But going to the gym shows commitment on her part?
    Sarcee did head tossing until I started bitless. Chica does it too but is a bit early to transition her.

    B's boyfriend works for a pest control company. He happens to be doing a bed bug job today. ICK!

    We had dinner at Sis's last night. She did her usual baked chicken *** and hash brown casserole.
    I didn't eat but a spoonful of veggies and casserole. I still had headache and felt full from lunch.
    Pilot told her it was the best chicken yet. She is NOT a cook but is trying to learn.
    I made her a seasoning mix to use on chicken and Pilot said it was great.
    I usually use a rotisserie season blend that I make but will try this new one.

    We had a few days of cold, sleet and drizzle. It was warmer yesterday and today.
    Sunshine is due back tomorrow but a bit more windy.
    Laundry planned for my day. And I will get some beef thawing to prep later in the week.

    Everyone enjoy your day.

  • We have another storm expected to move in this afternoon.  Things have already shut down in preparation.  I need to run a couple of errands and get something mailed and then hit the store for something that might look good to cook.

    Whisper is wearing her new to her winter blanket.  It fits her well, not quite as long from front to back as I would like but the belly band works so her tummy is toasty.  The Baker fits like  it was made for her.  All three blankets (is a fly sheet a blanket?) are the same size and each fits a bit differently.  

    I got 100lbs of feed yesterday so no worries about the girls weathering the storm.  I also have a plan to take out the middle stall and add half of it to each mare's stall.  Then I can take the muck bucket sized water tub and give them both access to it and there is an outlet there that it can be plugged into.    It might just work.

    I should be getting dressed for the barn and heading out.  Maybe I should get a second cup of coffee first?

    Have a super day, everyone.

  • Went back to the barn around six to water up and check hay.  I shoveled ice from the gateway to the barnyard.  It is kind of sleeting but lands like frozen water drops and would be rather pretty if not so nasty.  Whisper got her bucket of hot water .  Bella got a full pail of tempered water.  I sat on a bale of hay and leaned back against another...kind of like a softish natural lounge chair.   It was so peaceful sitting there listening to and watching the mares munch their hay.  The barn cats decided they needed attention.  A purr is very soothing.  If not for the cold, I could have stayed there.  Actually, I have enough blankets over there I might have been okay for a while

    The snow came in early so I am hoping it gets done and cleaned up by daylight.