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Wednesday wishing

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Wednesday wishing
  • Stude safe travels!

    It will be the only good day to ride this week according to the weather guessers.
    Amy will come ride with me.
    I think I was finally able to get the stirrups adjusted on the treeless.
    Amy tried it on Jet a couple rides back and liked it. The stirrups were long and are not an easy adjust.
    Luckily she and I ride with stirrups about the same length. I found some aussie stirrups that look like they may work and will probably order them.
    I also need to get some new leather fenders for the synthetic.

    Horses need more riding but weather and time just won't jive.
    Sarcee started out well for B on Sunday so we decided to ride down the road and on to the cabin.
    Sarcee did NOT think that was a good idea. She was balky the whole way down the road.

    When we finally got to the gate on the access road she lunged forward when she hear the gate close behind us.
    The neighbors sheep were very scary.
    Then there was the emu on the neighboring property. Sarcee was not having any of that.
    Our cows were the next obstacle which avoiding them led directly into the path of a huge armadillo.
    B was done so we headed back.

    Of course the neighbor's cows had to make themselves known.
    And passing the scary sheep again.
    B thought she was home free but there was a spook about a small piece of plastic on the road.
    I don't know what was up with Sarcee but B never gives up.
    I offered to switch horses with her multiple times. Tex did fine although very lazy.
    I miss riding him.

    Pilot helped me get the last of the major rocks out of the round pen yesterday.
    He leveled it as best he could. Maybe I will have time to add some more dirt after our ride today.
    I can get some horses worked again when the wether decides to cooperate.

    Everyone have a great midweek!

  • Stude, hope you had a safe journey, and that all went even better than planned.