May not seem like much of anything to you easterners who get snow suitable for playing in and Sleighing, but we got an inch of the white stuff last night.  Hopefully a lot more at the higher elevations, and it seems so as the dentist called Jmebear and cancelled her appointment because of heavy snow in Round Mountain (they're about five hundred feet higher than us).  So I hope Fawn Lodge got some.  That way we'll have water this summer.  Problem is, then I won't be able to get the truck up the driveway.  Or trailers.  We'll see what happens by Wednesday.

Yesterday afternoon and early evening we had a really spectacular thunder storm.  Couple of big boomers really shook the house.  Poor Sheila was terrified and spent most of the evening in my lap shaking like a leaf or under foot.  She has a real problem with loud noises.  The horses all hung out in the barn or their shelters calmly munching hay and ignoring the aerial pyrotechnics.  Not to mention several bouts of big hail in the late afternoon.  When we have hail, Socks stands in his door watching it.  He seems to be fascinated by it.

In the meantime, it's wet and cold outside.  I do hope everyone in the mid-west river-bottoms keep in mind that lots of cold weather and snow, like this year, lead to floods in the spring.  Might as well be prepared for it.  

At least Sacramento has shut up about drought conditions out here.  But now our new Chairman and Politburo are talking about taxing drinking water.  Maybe this will wake up the stupid voters here in California.  I doubt it, but one can hope.  If it was possible for me, I would leave.  But where to go and how do I get Socks and Aunt Bea there?

Hope everyone is warm, dry, and comfortable today.