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Thursday toy-o

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Thursday toy-o
  • Yes Stude the former, a 1979. Well restored.
    Sorry for your back issues.
    Our chiro has us hang on a chin up bar to help keep things stretched and aligned.
    If you can imagine, feet on the floor almost in a sitting position. Arms stretched above with an overhand grip on the bar
    And hot bean bags are also my friends.

    I have one stall the has never thoroughly dried from our deluges. Let's just say Jet is reveling in his wallow.

    Hank the cow dog cat has reappeared.
    Pilot found him laying alongside the drive.
    He looked beaten up pretty bad. I brought him a sheepskin to lay on in the sun and food and water.
    He recouped enough to make it to the gallery and spent the night crammed in the tiny cat condo.
    His right front is not bearing weight but he seems to be regaining strength.

    I have volunteer day and hoping a person I have been trying to persuade to volunteer will come in to start.

    Our weather isn't bad. The wind has finally subsided. No real sunshine through the weekend but temps going up to 70.
    I have survived my share of polar vortexes and I am glad to be here.

    Everyone have a tremendous Thursday!
  • My chiro recommended an inversion bed many years ago.  I couldn't afford it at the time.

    Last day of beautiful weather ahead of five days of predicted rain.  Enjoying every moment of the (semi) warm sunshine.

    A '79 Land Cruiser is a nice vehicle.  My wife's ex had one of those for a while.  He loved driving it and hated working on it.  To be fair, he much preferred working on boats to cars.  However I have heard a lot of mechanics cuss at and about Toyotas.  

    Drove up to Fawn Lodge today to get mail and check on things.  Glad I did because a tree came down on the driveway.  Thankfully, it broke up and I was able to move the pieces.  Actually what I think happened is a fir tree has fallen prey to bark beetles.  So it  lost the top thirty feet of the tree in this last storm.

    Speaking of storm, I had to delay my trip to Oregon.  There is snow in the forecast for the next three days.  I won't tow a trailer in the snow.  So I postponed the trip to Wednesday.  We shall see what happens.

    Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend and keeps warm and safe.

  • Horses have been spending the nights in the barn pretty much since Christmas. Looks like last night may be it for a while. Stalls need to dry out and then new shavings added. For 7 day forecast, only one day has a 30% chance of rain, so hopefully pasture will dry out as well.