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Wednesday warmer

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Wednesday warmer
  • overnight than expected again.
    No complaints here.

    Yesterday Pilot decided he needed to buy an old Land Cruiser he saw on the way back from SA on Sunday.
    He has forever talked about an old one he had years ago that he wished he had never sold.
    It fits in the garage now that the plane kit is gone. Whatever he wants is fine.

    Lunch with friends today. Probably pizza at a brewery that we enjoy. It is the only pizza we ever get besides an occasional frozen one.
    Although the other food they serve looks amazing.

    Thursday and Saturday are volunteer days. Hoping for a ride on Friday and Sunday.

    I hope everyone's week is going well.
  • DH, Toyota Land Cruiser or Studebaker Land Cruiser?  Somehow I suspect it's the former.

    Count down on heading back up to Oregon again.  This time to look at a trailer and attempt to persuade the young owners from destroying it.  They want to build a 'Tiny House' and I have offered them two trailer frames they can build their house on.   They can then build a 450 sq. Ft. double-wide.

    Worked on a retaining wall for behind the tack room.  Ran out of cement right about when my back started complaining.  Bending over really murders my back.  Long as I can keep it relatively straight, I can put in a whole day.  Any bending over does me in quickly.  So I cleaned stalls and the barn aisle.  I just love that manure spreader!  The difference it has made in the lower pasture is astonishing!  However I did notice quite a thistle patch coming up on the hill.  I'm going to have to tend to that pretty quick.  I'm somewhat conflicted on that too, as they're the big blue type that are so beautiful.  However, they're also invasive and not good for horses. So, sadly, out they must come.

    All the horse stalls have dried out and I am finally able to clean them.  So what would you expect but that it is supposed to rain tomorrow through Sunday?  Of course.  And on Monday, we may even get some snow!  Oh... joy.  Fawn Lodge is supposed to get snow all weekend.  So, I'm thinking of going up tomorrow and getting my mail.

    Well, I hope everyone around here has a great latter half of the week!