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Sub zero Thursday

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Sub zero Thursday
  • My "baby" boy left yesterday.  I really miss him.  He is back on the Big Island of Hawaii with Erica so he is safe.  I feel like a piece of myself is missing.

    Woke up to sub zero temperatures this morning.  We have a major snow event predicted for Saturday and into Sunday.  Got two more bags of feed yesterday.  There is hay in the barn and the frost free hydrant works.  All set unless there is a power failure.  We can heat with wood and cook on wood, but we still need water.  So do the mares.

    We got a Roku for the tv.  it takes the place or can be used in conjunction with cable or satellite.  A one shot purchase (remember buying an antenna?) and then you have tv.  You can buy more programming for a monthly fee if you want to.  I think I will like it once I get the hang of it.  Guess it is time to cancel the direct tv.

    Not looking forward to a lot of snow but I stocked up on groceries today.

  • May want to consider getting a generator at some point.  I can live without electricity but not water. Our first winter in this house in 2000 we lost power for a week due to a snow storm. Lived with my parents for that week, I swore, never again, and got the generator shortly after. No horses back then. I now have a generator for the house and one for the barn.

    I have a 3 Rokus.  From my cable company I get just bare bone cable channels, mainly for local news. Even though the channel we watch does stream on Roku. I pay for Netflix and Hulu plus have Amazon Prime. So all three of those are my main TV viewing and I am quite happy with it. My cost is way cheaper than full blown cable or DirectTV. In reality, we watch VERY LITTLE TV. The "cable" channels that use to be good now do way too much "Reality TV". I have enough reality in my life, I do not need someone else's, which is very questionable in the first place.