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Tuesday too fat

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Tuesday too fat
  • Not me. I actually lost weight over the holidays.
    And being sick last week I
    lost a bit more.
    Back to where I like to be. Although I don't advise the getting sick to lose weight plan.
    More outdoor work and riding time is what I need.

    Sarcee is my cresty neck FAT! girl.
    She gets fat on air.
    What to do?

    Literally I give her an 8 ounce cup of feed.
    She also gets a 3/8 ounce cup of BOSS.
    I measure and limit her hay as best I can. And she is on every other day turnout.
    She has started cribbing a bit.

    I guess I will stop the BOSS?
    She doesn't need it for her hooves. They are like iron.

    Tex can be a fat boy easily also but since he has been getting turned with Chica he has stayed a bit trimmer.
    She pushes him ALL day.

    I do plan to put the old boys, Jet and Tonto on senior feed next time I buy feed. They are getting 3 heaping cups of feed and double the hay of everyone else.

    Spirit looks like a good girl.

    Did anyone make New Years resolutions?
    Mine as always is ride more.
    I also would like to start moving to do's to the done list.
    Pilot is seriously lacking motivation so I am just going to start into stuff and hope he follows.

    I did finish a table runner sewing project today.
    It will be donated to our resale shop.

    Have a great evening everyone.

  • I have been using Senior on a number of horses for six years now.  It's getting hard to find good quality Senior anymore.  There was a brand that had a picture of a famous horse trainer and his horse on the bag, but it isn't available around here anymore.  It was a higher quality product and more expensive.  However I find Senior horse feed to be like Senior dog food, some are good but the majority are not.  Stay away from the ones that have Molasses in them.  They're junk food.  They put the molasses in it because otherwise the horses wouldn't eat it.  We currently use the Dumor brand from TSC.  Not the best, but decent nutrition.  Start them slowly on the stuff.

    Rain, rain and more rain.  Went next door to help the neighbor work on her driveway culvert yesterday.  The creek has crested the little fill bridge too often and almost washed it away.  One of the few things on the property her father did poorly.  It should have had three times the culverts or a much larger one.  Her brother left a pallet of concrete mix bags out in the weather and they are now nice stepping stones.  So we are moving those down on top of the bridge in hopes they won't wash away.   I was supposed to do another load today and didn't get to it.  Will have to do better tomorrow.

  • New Years Resolutions

       1. Do not make a resolutions

    Goal is to take camper out at least 4 times a year. 1st trip of the year is this weekend and 2 others are already booked. One more will be end of Luly in VA close to grandkids so they can spend a couple nights with us, need to book that one. 6 year will definitely stay with us, 3 year, depends on how horrible he is. Actually think he will be fine. His parents MIGHT camp that weekend with us.

    2 Years - Terrible 2s

    3 Year - Horrible 3s

    My experience is a 3 year is much worse than a 2 year old. 2 year olds are still mastering how to get under your skin, they nail it at 3.