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Saturday still sick

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Saturday still sick
  • Stayed in bed for two days.
    Slept a lot between ear and migraine pain.

    We got a a another 1/4 inch shower last night.
    Horses are in for the day but supposed to have 20 mph gusts.
    It will be dry enough by tomorrow.

    We have a couple spots that are holding water. We are hoping they are old springs?

    Sunny weather through next week.

    Everyone have a well weekend!

  • I spent all day Friday driving.  Well, all day Friday into this morning.  I didn't get into bed till around five a.m.
    Annie and I went to a little Oregon Town Called Prineville.  Nice place.  It's about three hundred fifty miles from Oak Run.  Most of the trip was on country highways and roads.  Loved the scenery and dawdled way too much.  Ended up several hours late.  Still the drive was great till the sun went down.  Then it was awful.  Oregon doesn't use reflectors or reflective paint on their roads.  Nor do they regularly stripe and maintain thier roads.  Hence, it was murder trying to see the lines and make my way down the road.  Other than that, I loved the trip.

    The goal was to see a 1964 Studebaker Champ pickup that a fellow was selling.  It's a nice truck, for what it is.  I left him a half-payment as a deposit and will be back in a week or two to start working on getting the truck home.  This one will pull the Gooseneck trailer, my travel trailer or whatever else I need moved.  Here's a pic:

    Here's another:

    Yeah, it's a bit rough around the edges.  However it will make a nice truck for what I need to do.  Much as I like the Chevy, I might sell it to finance the work on the Champ.  That remains to be seen.

    Didn't get a lot else done today as I'm tired.  Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.