The snow is really pretty from inside.  We got rain before snow so the bottom is heavy and the top is pretty light.  Mares stayed in today.

My son moved all of the third cutting from the storage body into the barn and stacked it.  Now to get him to move the stuff from the car tent and to put it in the storage body.  All but the things I want in the garage.  I will miss his help when he leaves next week.  I will miss his presence even more.  I think the last time he was here was in '06.  

Today's weather caused a two hour delay for Cal.  I sure do wish he had had an early dismissal...this white stuff is supposed to stop tonight and then we are supposed to go to colder.  Such a thrill.

All is well here and I am finally getting to the point where I can say I am feeling better.  After 4 weeks, I am on the mend,  Not well totally but at least I no longer feel like I don't have any energy.

Have a good day, All.