A lot to do and the weather isn't cooperating.  Ah well, tis that time of year!  Glad to get the rain.  I have to head into town for some bits and pieces.  However if the Social Security cheque hasn't arrived, it will have to wait.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!

Since no one started another thread, I just appended this one as today is much like yesterday was.  Should be like this another week, according to the current weather forecast.

Social Security seems to be paying out, even if the IRS isn't.  Interesting how the Government and IRS are combined as the latter is a private corporation.  Yeah, isn't that an interesting fact?  The Internal Revenue Service is a private corporation who's employees are paid by the taxpayers.  This "Shutdown" is getting more interesting by the day.

Still raining a lot here.  The forecast said the bulk of the rain wouldn't come till after noon.  It was an hour late, thank heavens.  I was able to get to Church and jet out to beat the rain.  Instead of being Minnesota, land of a thousand lakes, we're Oak Run, land of a thousand creeks.  I need to have a look inside the carriage tents to make sure everything is dry.  Last storm it wasn't.

This past summer I cleaned out the neighbor's drainage for her driveway.  It's flowing a lot better, but Fall's leaves and debris have done a lot of clogging up.  The main drain on her drive has partially clogged again and she has a pool there... again.  But at least it is draining, if slowly.  I was rather hoping the volume of water would erode out the blockage.  No such luck.

Spending way too much money on the 'bay and in town.  Final bits and pieces to make my truck and the trailer wiring fully functional.  Much as I would like to make the old hydraulic (plumbed into the truck's brakes) brake controller functional again, I bought a new electronic one.  All I have to do is replace the rear tires and I'm good to go for the winter.  

Speaking of snow; Did I mention that Buckhorn Summit and Shingle town (west and east of Redding, respectively) got snow today and yesterday?  That means snow on the driveway in Fawn Lodge.  Oh... joy.

Well, I do hope everyone had a happy/merry Eastern Orthodox Christmas, or Epiphany.  The twelve days of Christmas are officially over.