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Thursday turning Friday (Flex Friday)

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Thursday turning Friday (Flex Friday)
  • This whole town takes every other Friday off, I think. The local bank calendar has it marked as a holiday. lol
    I got to tour Death Valley on Christmas and it was surprisingly beautiful. There are so many sections, all with such history. Can't do it all in one day but my friends were determined to show me as many things as possible! It was a very nice day.
    First of the year I'm reducing the price on the CT house. Hoping it will be a blessing to someone. As soon as it sells I'm getting Zag shipped out. Dana has been to KY to buy two different horses and it's murder not being able to put Zag on the trailer. Oh well. All in good time. There's a place I can board here for the same price I pay in KY. Every time I look at another horse I think "what am I doing?" But all is well. I'm thankful to be here in this great job and surrounded by the magic desert bubble as my donkey friend calls it. I think I'm going to go over there and ride their Rocky horse tomorrow.

    My STB trainer friend in NJ sent me her book to read. I finally downloaded it. (I don't get on this laptop much, just using my hotspot on my phone) So I'm hoping to read it this weekend. She is a gifted young lady. And a fabulous artist. She can do portraits and everything.

    I'm going to paint some rocks, too. Hopefully tomorrow. There's a rock hunt at the Farmer's Market so I want to hide some there. :) Also the local group puts out a challenge for the month. A list of 30 things to paint. I'm going to try to do that.

    Then there's Bible study. This is all part of my easing into New Years. I've got to be a little more disciplined about some things.

    The dogs are doing well as is the pukey cat. Poor boy. I had no idea Taste of the Wild was so bad for him. WTH? My dogs eat it and they do really well. Actually, Teddy took off after a cat this evening, dragging his leash. That boy flew! Thankfully the cat circled back to a tree. Good practice for outrunning coyotes. Ted wouldn't have hurt it, I'm sure. Carmy needs a little more exercise. She's not fat, just a bit flabby. Needs toning up. Me too. lol Especially if I want to go on this 10 mile hike Karin and John keep threatening me with!

    In July we'll do the pack burro races in Colorado. I'm going to try to get AppyLady/Shirley to meet up with me if she can. And Andy of course!

    Sorry I'm being so long winded. Better go read a few pages and call it a night.
  • Just wait a few months Hunter and you will see the real beauty of the Desert!   Last year was a superbloom and maybe this year will be too!  We shall see how much rain the desert gets this winter.  It's the only time I'll willingly venture out there.

    Respite from the rain.  Things are drying out a bit.  The freezing temps at night aren't helping with the dry out..

    Friend of a friend of a friend died and they're doing a go-fund-me for her cremation costs.  Cremation is eighteen hundred dollars now!  My gosh, it was a third of that for Robin!  That was a long time ago though.   Even dying is expensive anymore.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Sorry to here about your friend. Cremation is under a thousand here. Are they taxing the crap out of it out there?  

  • The lady being cremated is in New York, I think.  At least the lady running the Go-Fund-Me is.  But yes, they tax the crap out of everything here in Soviet California.  New York is almost as bad, so I wouldn't be at all surprised.

  • Hi!  It’s been a while!  I’ve missed you all except for those on FB.  Life’s been busy!  Just boarded my flight from KY to Denver and will go from there home.  We bought a buckskin TWH for hubby but didn’t fly out to try him out.  He’s from a breeder in Clinton.  They were very helpful with every video request we had but next time I’ll request video of  things like him sing caught, fly-masked, etc.   He’s great under saddle but wary on the ground, flees if you aren’t slow and careful when walking up to him, putting on the fly mask, throwing hay, etc.  All that is fixable but  takes time and hubby wanted a horse he could just catch, saddle up and go.  He’s learning how to work with him, get him used to us and sudden movements.  He’s gorgeous and if I can figure out how to post pictures on here, I will.  I was going to buy a gorgeous gelding in Norco, near me a couple weeks ago.  Tried him out, gave a deposit, paid for a pre-purchase and went to pick him up.  Knocked on the door and no one answered.  Started getting texts accusing me of screaming obscenities and threatening to knock down her door, scaring her teenage daughter who was there?!  My friend and I were pretty shocked and confused.  I’m standing there with thousands of dollars cash in my hand, messaging her back “What?!”  Anyway, she said she would never sell a horse to a horrible person like me, that her daughter had recorded every word (I asked to hear it, got no response) and continued to send  accusations, laced with words I never use.  I never actually met her, laughable if she really knew me. Just dealt with her friend.  Come to find out she’s had this horse for sale several times and has never followed through. I don’t know if she’s done the same thing to other buyers it others have said she’s crazy... ya think?!  Really nice horse but moving on!  So, found another amazing gelding in KY the week after we shipped hubby’s Duke out from there.  Flew out, tried him out at a new place for him, cold, breezy, raining and he never twitched . Did a very thorough pre-purchase which he patiently tolerated, trotting back and forth, being poked, prodded, yanked on, flexed, etc.  He’s so cute and friendly and GORGEOUS!  I bought him and he ships tomorrow, arrives on. Ew Year’s DY!