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Sunday, right?

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Sunday, right?
  • It's Sunday here, for 4 minutes. So, unless you're in Hawaii.
    Speaking of, i'm so glad your son made it home safely. Too bad your DIL couldn't come too.
    And speaking of miracles, my neighbors went to church with me tonight. That was cool. Usually I just hear them screaming and fighting. (the father, anyway)
    MK, I wonder if you need better shoes or insoles. Sometimes just putting your feet up will help but apparently not. (or a foot massage) Glad the vet-girl made it in.
    There's a property I'd like to get. lol. Like I need it. But it would be cheaper than living here (a little) and I could have the horse. It's 2.7ac.
    Stude, good to see you. I hope face and everyone else is well.
  • Doing great! Did our Christmas dinner with the 2 local boys and their families last night. We got it out of the way so the kids don't stress so much trying to visit everyone on Christmas Day. So they are coming over Christmas morning for breakfast and gift exchange. No Christmas tree again this year. Haven't done one in about 4 years. Next we will since the two local grandkids will be a little over 1. At 3 months, don't think they care, but they do love to stare at the bright lights.

    Dec 30 head to VA for a week for Christmas with that son and family. While they work we take care of the grandkids.

    The pasture I closed due to too many rocks is looking really good. As we spread horse poop I seed it with winter grass and it is coming nicely. Will seed with a pasture grass in the spring and hopefully get the rocks under control. Every time it rains a new crop is born. When the farrier came out she discovered an abscess on Apache. So Fancy and he both had them and I blame the rocks.