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Wednesday whats the ...

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Wednesday whats the ...
  • definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
    Hunterseat - I hate to see you in this trap. Cut bait. It ain't never going to change. (Sorry)
    Make a new life and move on. My words of wisdom.

    Go ahead and chuckle about the cat. Everyone else is.
    The injured leg is right front. It swelled to 3 times it's normal size.
    I thought it was broke at first but he can put weight on it.

    It finally started to ooze a bit at about mid toe.
    Yesterday I came back from sewing at the cabin and found him on the top bale in kennel shed.
    He jumped down and the leg spurted blood from the upper area. It continued to bleed a bit for awhile.
    He was able to walk better and put more weight on it. So the pressure was relieved.

    I have been spraying the oozing areas with vetricyn. He has continued to eat heartily, drink, pee and poop so I think he will make it.
    I however I will probably die from rabies. it was not a love bite.

    Meanwhile I will keep him locked in the hay shed at night.
    He had a couple slight injuries to his back leg. So something is trying to get him.
    Pilot saw him chase a fox out of the barn area last week so he willingly takes on bigger animals than himself.
    We have fresh coyote scat on the driveway lane every morning.

    Plan is to ride today. Tomorrow is volunteer day and Nik arrives.
    Then it is down to business of the holidays.

    If anyone can spare some prayers for Ed the farrier. He had an MRI last night.
    He is having a tough time healthwise.
    His ex daughter in law and new found teen granddaughter have moved here and are taking good care of him.
    I would hate for him not to be able to enjoy this new chapter of his life.

    Everyone have a peaceful day.

  • DH, I agree.  It is painful to see a friend hold out hope for new results to old situations.

    I should get to see my youngest son this weekend.  He is flying in from HI to help his Dad with the fire cleanup.  And for support.  It has been a long time.  I am going to set the cot up downstairs so he has a place to sleep should he choose to stay here.

    The one in the kitchen is grumbling.  Sometimes life alone looks so good.

  • Yeah... coyotes, the bane of country living.  

    Back from the 'Lodge.  Getting a few things taken care of up there.  Three years of neglect has left the place a bit overwhelming sometimes.

    Still raining.  Not complaining as we need it.  The runoff looks nasty coming out of the burn areas though.

    Jmebear got two new sewing machines.  One is for stitching up  leashes, collars and some horse equipment out of Bio.  The other does embroidery.  She has been having all kinds of fun trying them out.,

    I finally got Witmer's Coach Shop to give me the name of their shaft bender.  He's old order Amish so communications are by U.S. Snail only.  I have to print a few pictures and write him a letter.  I need some Phaeton shafts and would like some proper Gig shafts as well.  However, I have to finish a cart for Louie first and then there's my truck and housing.   Just a few projects to work on.  Some of which will keep me busy for the next six months or so.

    Hope everyone has a great Friday and Weekend.