Night. Everyone is probably asleep. I should be soon. I was going to comment on Monday's thread but...
Connie I sure hope the little dog is safe. She may have been put in his life to save it. She may have completed her mission. I don't know what's worse, not knowing or finding a body and knowing. Actually, when we lost our Leland cat it would have been better to find a body. But I know a coyote got him and they don't leave anything but some fur in their scat.
Speaking of, you barn cat, MK. It was hard not to snicker at your description of caring for him. Surely he must love you. Biting is not always bad in the cat world. Is it his back leg? Something might have nearly gotten him. Anyway, hope he heals and stays safe.
Still hoping for the house to sell soon. Girlzilla is back to her tricks (no pun intended) and has finagled him into sponsoring her to get out of jail early. Because???? She didn't call him for a solid year knowing how much that hurt him. He's an idiot.
Anyway, it's dramatic. So glad I'm here. So wish the house would sell.
I miss wrestling with round bales.