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Sunday booked solid

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Sunday booked solid
  • until Christmas.
    Everyday is full.
    Yesterday I did some cooking to try to get ahead.

    Today is our Library volunteer party. And the boys want to come hunt after.
    We need to take some culls.

    No snow arrived in Harper. Only 2 days of very strong winds.
    This week looks like good weather. Amy and I scheduled a ride for Wednesday.

    Connie- I am sorry to hear about the fire. So sad.

    Everyone have a beautiful Sunday.

  • He is holding on to hope that she got out after he went next door to call 911, he did prop the doors open so she had egress.  Hope that she may have gotten picked up is in his heart.  I contacted a rescue and another girl who works with rescue and they are  contacting shelters and dog wardens.  He went to TSC because the vet group is there on Sunday and got her chip number and I shared it with the two gals.  Also put her picture and contact info on a local lost pets forum.  He has checked his property...walked most of it looking for her.  I did see tiny tracks when I was there but did not know how old they were.  I told him where.  thank you for the kind words.  He isn't worried about the house or "stuff" just his little Missy.  So heartbreaking.  he is 84 and she was his companion twenty four seven.