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Friday fast approach to Christmas!

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Friday fast approach to Christmas!
  • As Connie said. It's sneaking up. I'm going to a restaurant in Death Valley with my donkey friends. Sounds pleasant. lol Another first for me.
    Today is a BLM event. Not sure what it entails but I know there will be equines!
    Work is picking up steam now that they know I'm a superhero in disguise. My coworkers have been pulled for a project and i'm kind of handling everything that I can manage. ...everything. I had a huge success solving a customer's problem yesterday so I'm floating today.
    It's my Friday off - Flex Friday. Nice 3-day weekend. I realize most of you are retired or don't have to work those 40hr weeks. I'm so glad I love my job. It would be a serious grind.
    Connie, very sad about your old home. Maybe the little dog had one mission and he fulfilled it. Thank God for him. (and all dogs)
    Here's to Snow in Harper!!! Woo hoo! Dusting at best? I hope all of the hay issues were accomplished.
    Enjoy the weekend!!
  • I have several years before I retire. I want to retire at 62, but then there is that problem with insurance, so may have to wait until 65.

    Had a power outage this week and went to plug the NEW generator into the house, the cable for the OLD one didn't fit. Cable fit into the generator but not the house. The house and NEW generator are the same. The OLD generator was different from the house. So went to the barn and brought the OLD generator back. New plug arrived so I can fix that problem.

    The power outage was not graceful. A lot of on/off situations. When it came back on the HVAC was running so all was good, or not. Woke up to a VERY cold house. Fan was still running but no heat. The ungraceful outage confused the HVAC as it no longer knew what it really was. It woke up thinking it was a gas unit and it sensed a gas leak. The fan was running in an effort to dissipate the non existent gas. Anyway, service call required, they reminded the unit what it really was and all is well again.