It is Pilot's birthday today.
I was awake at 4am. It is the norm since time change.
That is too early.

Yesterday I tried to do some Christmas shopping with Sis.
We didn't do well but had a nice day.
B met us for lunch. Asian, which I never get so it was awesome.
Sis is going through a trying tome if anyone want's to throw some prayers her way.

B on the other hand is doing wonderful.
A magazine is going to publish one of her stories.
And her job is amazing. Now if her boyfriend situation would improve...

Outside horses got too cold Friday night after their all day soaking. I was out in the middle of the night doing rubdowns.
Everyone got double hay.. Chica got the extra heavy winter blanket since she seemed to be the worst off.
Now we need it to dry enough for turnouts.

I hope everyone has great last day of the weekend.