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Sweet Saturday Morning

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Sweet Saturday Morning
  • My friend is coming by this morning, roads and weather permitting, and she will do an evaluation on Bella.  She refuses to charge me for her visit.  She is one of "my" girls from when I worked at the school.  I have a few that have never left my heart and life.

    Hunter went on a hike and seems to be adapting to desert life.  She adopted a kitty.  She needs to get on this site and reassure all of us that she is doing well.

    Well, time to get dressed and head over to the barn .  Want everything ready for when Jess gets here.

    Have a super weekend, all.

  • Thanks Connie.

    I hope Bella's evaluation goes beautifully. ;)

    The plane kit crate left yesterday noon.

    Another large item crossed off the to do list.

    Does anyone's to do list ever get shorter?

    Amy and B are coming tomorrow to ride. Ha! iI can call them A & B.

    I am glad we picked tomorrow.

    The winds were whipping today.

    It has been unusually warm the last few days but a cold front is coming tomorrow night and Monday.

    A couple freezing nights then moderate temps again.

    Everyone enjoy!

  • I'm here! All is well. Tomorrow I'm working an aid station for the Ultra. It's about 30 miles and I have friends who are running. On foot. It's insanity. I can hang with them for the first couple of miles. Oh who am I fooling, they can smoke me! Anyway it's going to be cold.

    Yep, got the oldest, least likely to be adopted kitty. I took him outside on a leash this morning. We have more work to do. I've gotten a chance to work with some BLM Burros. If anyone needs one or two there are several here!

    Work is great.

    Dogs are fine.

    I hope everyone's great here. I'll have to catch up on the Bella situation.

  • Jess arrived a tad bit late,  It seems out of state hunters opened the upper pasture gate and didn't shut it.  She had to round up horses.  She liked Bella's looks and helped me unblanket her.  She started going over her body and next I knew, Bella had recieved a half session (thirty minutes) of treatment.  She has knots in her neck, knots from the wither area back on the near side and the butt on the near side is knotted up.  She agrees that she probably flew back and went over.  I paid her for the treatment.  She wanted to come back in a week for another half treatment and then go to monthly full hours.  She asked me to let her know how she was doing at chore time.  Bellas eyes were brighter before Jess got done this morning.  this afternoon, I let her out and shut the barn gate to keep her out.  She tore around that barnyard, gaiting, not running, and was doing sliding stops.  She has never acted like that.  Told Jess and she says next session will be the full hour.  She asked me to pay full attention in the morning.  She said next session should help free up her butt.  Her neck is better but not fixed yet.  So glad I got in touch with her.  Poor mare has always had a subdued look.  Now , in just a few hours there is more life in her eyes.

    I also found a source of straw.  I like it better than shavings and it is actually cheaper.

  • HI HUNTER!!!  Welcome back!

    Yeah, I can relate with Bella.  Pain will subdue anyone quite a lot.  She's feeling like a brand new pony, that one!  Wish I could have had someone do that kind of treatment for Riverdance.

    No, my experience has always been for every two items taken off the 'to-do' list, three replace them.  Mine has gotten pretty long too.  The short, cold, wet days this time of year don't help any.

    I have too many plants and not enough space for them now it is getting so cold.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • To Do List never shrink, they always grow.

    I have had a To Do to add more lights to the attic to make it easier to find things. Went to Lowe's and bought a box and  a light fixture. While getting stuff down for Christmas I took the box and fixture up there to "stage" them. Found another light fixture up their already "staged", Lord knows how many years I had that one staged up there. Forgot all about it Maybe I will put two light fixtures up there..

  • Face, made me laugh.  I have been known to do things like that.

  • Oh dear!  Me too, many'a time!!