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Thursday's thinking

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Thursday's thinking
  • I will go into work early.
    I was wide awake at 4 am. There is lots of extra work to be done.
    Pilot awakened early also.

    Yesterday we trimmed trees on the south and west fence lines at Ever After.
    There were some big issues on the west. got the big stuff off but lots of cleanup still to do.
    We put a small generator in the back of the mule and took the electric pole saw. It worked awesome!

    Pilot did get whacked in the arm by a branch that bounced back at him.
    A pretty good hematoma resulted. Icing has helped but will now have to nag him about putting arnica gel on it.
    Wait I don't nag, ;-) I seem to have over extended my knee also.
    And yes I have been putting heat and arnica gel on it.

    The rest of the work may have to wait until Monday.
    It looks like good riding weather this weekend. And tomorrow the crate with the 701 plane kit is supposed to be picked up by purchaser. (finally)
    It will be nice for Pilot to have his garage back.

    Connie I have had very excellent results with Animed products. You may try some for the sore mare.
    The Pure Flex did wonders on Jet when he was injured.
    They also have pure MSM which is an anti inflammatory.

    It seems Hunterseat has abandoned us?

    Have a good day all!
  • Thank you for the suggestions, DH.  I have read up on MSM in the past but the last horse I tried it on had a bad reaction to it.  I did get in touch with a friend locally who has some ideas.  First she wants to come out and see for herself.  She knows someone who does deep tissue work and will know what to tell me after she looks.  All the vet had to offer was she is tender over her pelvis and needs exercise.  I am not a fan of lunging as a fan of exercise and do not really want to ride her until I know what is going on with her.  She has had plenty of rest since she came here, so if rest helps, she is on a good path.  I do know some old race track remedies for back issues but not sure of the availability of the things I would need.  Old remedies that work tend to get replaced with newer methods usually involving shiny gadgets and expensive drugs.  I will look into the Pure Flex.

    We have several inches of wet snow.  Now we are supposed to be getting more today and then , rain.  I think the rain forest has changed its location to central New York.  It has been an extreme year.  The summer was either wet or blistering.  The fall wet.  Now that snow time is here we are still getting wet.  At least it is good for the wells.

  • Yeah, I'm rather concerned for Hunter myself.  I do hope things didn't go sour for her in China Lake.  Then again, the place does flood when they get their once-in-a-blue-moon rain.  Hopefully she's just busy with work.  The place is in pretty run-down shape (or it was when I was there in the late stoneage).

    We've been dealing with a lot of rain too.  The flash floods coming out of the burn areas have been pretty spectacular.  Still the rain has been a blessing as it has effectively ended the fire season.  That's a relief for us in Oak Run.  We still don't have the fence repaired from the fire here several years ago.

    Well, I have to get back to work.  If anyone has a phone number for Hunter, give her a call and let her know we're concerned about her.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!