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Sunday sure

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Sunday sure
  • having some nice weather here.

    Yesterday's thanksgiving meal at sis's was really good.
    I switched it up and did a different recipe for the mashed and sweet potatoes.

    B started crying when she tasted the mashed. Silly.
    The sweet potato recipe was one from an old friend of Pilot's.
    He has commented about that recipe every thanksgiving.
    I asked him to dig it out so I could make it.
    With a slight alteration by reducing the sugar and he said it was even better than he remembered.

    I am trying to help the girls out by giving them actual written recipes rather than me just whipping stuff up.
    B did a good first attempt at deviled eggs.

    Sis and BIL are doing a roof and wrap around porch renovation. Sis is on her very last nerve about the whole thing.
    It will be wonderful when it gets finished.

    Not sure what the agenda is for today. Had a headache all night so it needs to pass.
    Slight cold front is the cause.
    Horses are a bit fat and sassy from being laid off so a workout for someone would be good.

    Maybe back to the fence project at the cabin. It looked like the neighbor was loading and moving cows.
    We need to extend the height of half the east fence and needs to be done from his side.
    So no cows roaming through the work would be helpful.

    Everyone have a wonderful last day of this holiday weekend!

  • Somehow, somewhere I lost Friday. I went to bed thinking yesterday was Friday... Oops!

    Beautiful weather yesterday and today. Enjoying the sun after several days of heavy rain.

    The fire is out in Paradise/Magalia. However, the down side is that we may never be able to find many of the missing who perished in the fire. The rain mixes all the ashes and finding the victims is almost impossible.

    There is a Tea Drive in Woodland, slightly less than two hundred miles south, on next Saturday. Looks like the weather might cooperate. So we are considering going. I have to cut, sand and varnish a set of shafts for the 'good' cart if we are going to take it. Kind of a tight schedule as I have to make a trip to Fawn Lodge. But, looks like it might be fun to be toodling around with some friends. A rare treat anymore. It's just the getting there and then getting home afterwards.

    Finally got the floor done in Jmebear's house. One more good thing about the rain.

    I do hope everyone has a very blessed Sunday and a great week!