Once again we have rain.  The horses will probably be in again today since they both feel water will melt them.

I have completed my PT for my neck and now have daily things to do and the cervical traction device to use to maintain my improvement.  I went from about 40+ degrees of mobility right and left to over 70 degrees.  PT guy said that is probably the best I can hope for but now I can back up the truck by turning my head and I don't have to unbuckle and turn my body or just use the mirrors.  Today I go back and we will address my hip.  I have a bone spur in the joint that catches occasionally and it really hurts when it happens.  Stops me cold.  The xrays showed that I don't have just the one break in my pelvis that I knew about but instead I have two.  Who knew?  Still a pretty tough old woman so I will continue on.

I am getting a smart phone.  I can not help but wonder if I will regret not keeping my faithful flip phone?

Hope that house sells, Hunter.  Durango Gramma is in her new place I think and will be able to put up a shelter for Kabar and he will be in her own back yard.  So happy for them.

Hope it is a wonderful day for all.