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Sunday Seafood

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Sunday Seafood
  • We went to a seafood place that Pilot has been avoiding for years. He didn't like it way back when it was in its original location.
    It moved to a new location several years ago. Everyone says how wonderful it is but a no go for him.
    Well he finally gave in and he is now in a crab coma. (silly)

    We had good steady soaking rains which were wonderful except for the leak we found in the gallery at the cabin.
    It would be nice to get ahead for once.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend.
  • My window air conditioner died.  It was missed so much by me.  I do not tolerated humidity well.  The air conditioner that was once in the bathroom window was taken out of there a couple of years ago and left outside.  Put it in the sun to help it dry, and then, yesterday plugged it in.  The old thing worked!  The big change around took place, old dead one is out.  The old working one is in.  It was a wonderful feeling to have cool air again.  The amount of water it took out of the air was good.  It always amazes me how much water is in the air when I see it.  The old one had stopped making a river across the deck.  When we took it out we could see where it had been putting the water down the wall.  Sure hope there is no serious damage.

    I went over to pull tubs about an hour after the mares went in yesterday afternoon.  Bella had a swollen eye and it was weeping.  Contacted the vet and she said to give her a Bute, cold pack, and some eye ointment I had.  I went back to do this, probably about two hours after I discovered the swelling and the  eye was still weeping a tiny bit but it was open and she just loved having me take care of it.  I crushed the bute, diced some apple, nuked that to soften and then mixed in some oatmeal and molasses and added the bute.  I made a ball of it.  She enjoyed it.  The vet is pleased but will be in the area today so I will let her know how she is when I get back from morning chores.  Seems like they always find some way to touch our hearts and/or wallets.

    Hope everyone has a great week.