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Florence Has Arrived

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Florence Has Arrived
  • For us light rain and wind. Center of the storm expected this afternoon. Currently the worst of it is to the east of the center, which is normal. If the center comes over us then we will not be too bad. 

  • That is good news.  Have friends that evacuated from NC to SC.  Glad to know you  are safe and prepared.

  • Still awaiting news from my nurse friends in the NC outer banks area. Scary stuff.

    Nice having a day off. I'm going to go look for bottles. :)

    Dogs and I are fine. The guy is coming late Tue night, we'll go see Sequoias Wednesday and head to San Diego Thursday for a visit with the youngest/jarhead son and his family.  

    Hope everything works out well for you face and everyone.

  • Forgot to say my house sold in CT!!! YAY!

  • Congrats on the sale Hunter.

    Interestingly I bought a house this week, a 1957 ABC:

    Like everything else I own, it needs a lot of work.

  • For us Florence was not an issue. We got the PERFECT rain. A soaking rain, no downpours. While it has been windy, so far all I have seen is branches down down and one dead tree in the pasture behind our house. There is a HUGE dead pine back there I was hoping she would take down but it was still standing at sunset last night. Rain will continue today. Horses have spent most of the time in the barn since Friday night. Let them out for a while yesterday. Lost power yesterday for less than 30 minutes, it went out for a few seconds last night at some point. I have see far worse with the Spring storms around here, though they come and go quickly. I consider us lucky as we were thinking of having to sleep in the basement due to high winds and big trees around the house.