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Muddy Monday

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Muddy Monday
  • The horse pens are mud beyond belief.
    Some more drainage work needs to be done.

    Brush Arbor last night and again tonight. The offering last night was enough for Help Center to buy the Thanksgiving turkeys again this year.
    Attendance was better than expected after the venue was changed due to rain.

    My elder friend called in a panic to find a ride to her PT appointments this week. I assured her that I would be happy to drive her to all her upcoming appointments.
    She sounded so relieved. I wish it was a more structured appointment schedule but I will make it work.

    Everyone have a marvelous Monday evening!
  • Well I took the plunge and bought a 1957 ABC trailer home.  I kept thinking about the welder in the Long, Long, trailer going down those seven percent grades out of Shingletown, "Just think of it as a train behind you.  Fooooorty feet of train!"  I stopped for gas in Shingletown and got three offers on the trailer.  Several people talked about LLT and said the trailers look so much alike.  I pointed out that Lucy's trailer was primarily yellow and a New Moon.  Blew a tire ten miles out of Shingletown and had to limp along with it for another ten miles.  Not too serious a problem but it added several hours to the trip.  I dropped the trailer in a safe place and went home for some more tools (on top of the three boxes I had already brought along) and spent another three hours persuading a sixty year old rim to come off.  Here's a few pics:

    It needs a whole new interior, however all of the windows and so on are there and in decent condition.  The front door and frame are in poor condition though as well as missing parts.  The frame of this trailer is nothing short of amazing.  The hitch looks like new!  They must have had good skirting and a cover over the hitch.

    Tired and need sleep.  Hope everyone has a great week!

  • Very cool trailer!

    Florence is coming but it keeps shifting more to the north. One more shift and we will not be in the Cone of Uncertainty. While I want the rain don't think I want a Cat 4 storm. Florence is reminding many of Hugo. When Hugo hit down near Charleston it was still a Cat 1 when it made it to Charlotte. Not many storms can maintain that strength for that long, but it's forward momentum was FAST. Also looks like Hunting Island is now safe so our 1st camping trip with new camper will be good to go. Of course, there are more storms out there.

  • Super trailer, Stude.  Now you know how to sell them, just hitch up and drive them around and wait for offers!!

    Face, glad the storm looks like it might miss you. I worry about friends and families in storm areas.

    Go to my PT this morning.  Went to the otrhopod yesteday and am getting PT for my  hip, too.  Also found out that  I didn't break my pelvis once, but twice.  Who knew?

    Have a super and safe week all.