Yesterday was an interesting day.
It started by friend coming to load their bull calf, taking him to their place for weaning.
Swapping out calves for weaning works well. Eliminates the need for penning for long periods of time.

As the loading was completed our Highway Patrol friend called needing help with cows out on the highway.
Of course they belong to our neighbor with the wayward bull.
2 calves out, no wonder with the fence in such horrible condition. Neighbors on the other side arrived and calves got herded down the highway to an available gate.
Home to chores. Pilot did the watering while I did some food prep.

Crab stuffed mushrooms for dinner. And I did some new pickle rolls to try as an appetizer. Maybe have friends by on Sunday evening if anyone is available.

Today is volunteer day and we shall see what that brings.
Everyone have a great day!