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Tuesday trip back

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Tuesday trip back
  • We need all the thoughts and prayers for a safe trip back to Harper.
    Suppose to be hot.

    Hunterseat - I hope the job is what you want and not grasping the first thing out of Dodge.

    Everyone have a terrific safe Tuesday!
  • Got out three horses/ponies again today.  Very hot and had to take numerous breaks to keep on an even keel.  Two out of the three did well.  

    Chance continues to jerk me around with stupid pony games.  I really came down on him today for it.  Probably his way of getting back at me for letting him go back to the other place so long.  He's screwing around with Hoh.  Till he stops with the games on brakes, I can't go beyond longing with him.  All go and no whoa is really bad Juju with driving.  Silly old man is just playing his stupid games.

    I think Socks likes his KG cart.  It's a lot lighter than the four-wheelers.

    Hunter, I agree with DH.  Think twice about California.  It might be a brilliant move, or a disaster.  Right now this state is sitting on the edge of a knife and it could go either way.

    I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!