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Monday some much

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Monday some much
  • needed rain is coming down.
    A line of thunderstorms is moving over us and the rain has started.
    Some nice rain without any big stuff.
    We got just a smattering last evening.

    We worked slowly on the T post extensions yesterday.
    It was 100* so we only got about half of the posts done.
    Lots of breaks due to to the heat.

    I undid the top clip and I held everything straight while Pilot pounded the pipe on.
    Then I moved on and undid the next set of clips while he retied the set we finished.
    I did some weed pulling and rock moving in between.

    We need to go pick up netting and pipe for extending the line posts today.
    Maybe we will finish the T posts tomorrow.
    I have to drive B to dental appointments on Wednesday so that will put a halt to fence work until Friday?

    Face I hope your estate issues are solved easily and quickly.

    Everyone have a mild Monday!
  • In SC it takes at least 8 months to settle an estate. When everything starts, I get an estate account set up, move money around, and will basically be sit and wait, pay bills as they roll in. People who are owed money have 8 months to collect.

    We had good rain in May, basically, the entire month. Hopefully we continue a good pattern of rain and do not go into a drought situation, which would not surprise me.