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Sunday some
  • rain chances possible. And not as hot, only 91* forecast.
    We need the rain as usual. This kind of heat doesn't usually happen until July-August.

    We took the day yesterday to attend some celebrations.
    A friend and husband celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
    They were able to have all in their wedding party except one attend. And the pastor who married them also!
    We could only stay a bout a half hour. I am glad we were able at least to stop by. She is one of the sweetest people I know.

    Then it was onward another 2 hours to celebrate Pilot's cousin's 80th birthday. We arrived a bit late but it was a nice gathering.
    His stepson did a a crab and shrimp boil for the occasion. Yum!
    A bit of driving but all in all a very nice day.

    I hope everyone has a nice Sunday!
  • Well, hot Friday, Hot yesterday (over a hundred), same today, and hot tamale, I mean tomorrow.  

    Took Socks out in the KG again today.  Finally have it dialed-in to a nicety.  Loosened up my tugs so that the shafts could float and loved the ride!  Kurt builds the best carts around!

    Liebchen is coming along nicely.  She really does work hard to please.  Such a sweet little thing.  Pretty too.  Someone is really going to have a very nice Mini.  Hope Jmebear can get her papers straightened out.  In the meantime she's going to be nice to play with.

    Don't know if I mentioned Chance came home.  Missed that old man.  He sure is happy to be back and I'm delighted to have him around.  Socks is tickled to have his best bud around again too.

    Actually, it's supposed to be about ten degrees cooler tomorrow.  I sure hope so.  It was miserable today.  Didn't get a lot done because of it.  Well that and the lack of diesel for the tractor.  

    Looked at the weather for Fawn Lodge for the next two weeks.  Forties and fifties at night and lower eighties into the seventies during the day.  I might run away for a few days up there.  Depends on if I can get my truck to behave.

    Well I hope everyone has a great week!

  • Saturday was bath day for Fancy and Apache. Did Apache's feet Saturday and Fancy's Sunday. I can only do one horses feet a day, especially when it is hot and humid.

    Sunday trail ride went really well considering our rides lately are separated by weeks.

    Each weekend includes two trips to my sister's storage unit. My goal is the have it empty by the end of July. We MIGHT have it done by the end of this month, though a trip to the beach in 2 weeks will probably impact that.

    Probate court is now happy with what I have given them which means I can now schedule a meeting with them to actually officially get things going. Now playing phone tag with the person I need to talk to to schedule the appointment.