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Thursday that's all folks

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Thursday that's all folks
  • We lost a friend yesterday. Very dear to us.
    Major heart issues and complications, He has not been doing well for a long time,
    He was an awesome cartoonist and illustrator.
    His sweet wife played harp at our wedding and he coordinated the missing man flyover.
    We will truly miss him.

    We were able to sneak off to Waxahachie this past weekend. Just overnight.
    It was worth the 4 hour drive for Pilot to see him perform live.

    We have had thunderstorms the past 2 nights.Tuesday night's was a surprise.
    Marble size hail and 1-1/2 rain. We were closing in on desperate need for rain.
    Another shower last night.
    Missed a ride due to the mud and horses are penned.
    Maybe turnouts can start this afternoon.

    Good luck Hunter in your job search/escape.
    Volunteer day for me.
    Gotta go.

  • I'm so sorry about your friend. I remember the harp player more than her husband. What a great lady she is. That was the coolest wedding ever! (and party)

    As usual I'm trying to scramble to get stuff done at work. I told my immediate coworkers and said if anyone comes up to me and asks about it I know it came from them. 99.9% sure it's a done deal if the paperwork will catch up. I did get the reject letter from Del Rio. And I interviewed for China Lake, though close to Dana is in the Mojave Desert. Not sure my soul will be content without trees and green.

    Anyway I'm hoping that pans out. I'll be as close to the farm in NJ from there, I'll be closer to my childhood friends (one of who's brother is battling colon cancer I found out recently) It's so strange here because someone's trying to be nice but he still cuts me off with what he wants to say and my thoughts are never complete.

    Well, I started this and took a call from my oldest. He sounds pretty good. Made me feel better to hear from him and he did a lot of talking but not much about what's going on. He is talking to those who can help him. yay

    Thanks for prayers.

  • Hunter, if you work at China Lake, you can live in Tehachapi.  A touch pricey, but then anywhere worth living in California is.  Then there's Alta Sierra, Wofford, and Lake Isabella.  You don't have to live in the desert.  However, cheap housing might be possible with all the mobile home parks there.  It's not so green as the East Coast, however California has a lot going for it.  All the same, I would''t recommend moving to California at this point.  Wait till after the elections.  We are facing most of our large cities and the state itself going bankrupt at this time.  No I'm not exaggerating either.  They pay the city council-members in LA better than U.S. Senators!

     Texas would likely be a better choice for now.

    Hey, here's a nice place!  You don't mind fixers, right?


    Just kidding.

    Sorry to hear about your friend DH.  Then again, if she's a sister in the Lord, maybe not.  At least her suffering is over.  I hope her husband can get on without her.  If his faith is even mediocre, he still has the promise of seeing her again.  As do you.

    Off to the Bay Area this week to get a cart for Socks.  Also, possibly a furnace for my trailer.  

    Hope everyone around here has a great week.