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WednesdayWiFi bye bye :)

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WednesdayWiFi bye bye :)
  • Jeff decided to get the TV and internet cut off. I don't watch TV and I have a hotspot on my phone so I'll see how that does. I have other things that always need doing when I'm on here anyway. We expect the plug to be pulled any moment.

    The DC job might just happen. The supervisor there called and updated me today. He's trying to get HR to move a little faster. I found a barn and hope to bring Zag there. They have an apartment but it's leased out at the moment otherwise that would be like paradise. As it is I hope to stay in the base housing that's about 3 miles from work. I can bike there.

    My oldest should be flying to Andrews tomorrow. Waiting to hear what's going on with that. I just want him safe and well.

    Not much else going on. The day is pretty much done.
  • Hoping your oldest gets back safely and that things start to level out in his life, Hunter.

    Also hoping for the DC job works for you.  I think the CT job might be more appreciative but I fully understand wanting to get away from high prices and toxic environments.

    My fence is almost ready and then the girls can go out to pasture.  Bella will be pleased.  Whisper?  not sure.  She seems to favor the barn with company...spoiled brat.

  • Hiring process can be painfully slow and frustrating. The VA kids are trying to get back to SC but it is taking a while. Can't move until they have jobs.

    Lots and lots of rain, which I won't complain about, not yet anyway! :-)

    The ponies at Grayson Highlands were bred to be mountain ponies and released there in the 60's when it became a state park. Prior to that, cows grazed there. The ponies job is to keep the landscape as it was when the cows were there.  Of course, they attract a lot of paying visitors.