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Mom's Day

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Mom's Day
  • Happy day to all of you amazing mom's!

    It is also Tex's B-day today. I can't believe he is 9 already.
    Amy its going to be riding Tex. she rode him once and liked him.
    I can tell she really likes Jet but farrier and I both think he is still off, maybe in the shoulder? Barely perceptible but it is there. I would rather only use him if I have to.

    I rode Tex over to the cabin just so Amy could see how he does on the road and with cows etc. and he did awesome.
    He did wheel away when Sugar cow started coming to check him out.
    But I faced him back and Amy separated us with Jet.
    Put the horses in the pen when we took a lunch break and Momma cow came and touched noses with him and everyone else came to check out the interlopers.
    So I think he will be a good cow hand eventually.

    We did find the calf the following morning when Pilot and I went to feed. It is a little bull calf.
    Momma won't have anything of us getting near.

    Need to run by my Sis's.

    Everyone have a lovely evening!
  • Wow. 9. And I remember so clearly him buzzing me in the dark, scaring the bejeebus out of me. He was a rotten little thing!! But such a good boy, too.

    Your sis got a good house? Your nieces and nephews are all grown, just about. Crazy how time does that! Finally getting a vet in the family! Woo hoo! Will she move to Texas after that? She can just drag that big 'ol boy down with her! He'd make a great cowboy!

    OH my oldest is coming home early from deployment. Not doing so well. If anyone remembers, please pray for him and his wife. She called and told me about his issues - I'm thinking emotional but maybe mental or a combination. Then she tells me about the problems they're having and I'm worried about the two of them. Anyway, I'd appreciate any prayers that can be tossed up for them.

    So Monday is finished. Worked some overtime to FINALLY get my 400+ item of safety write ups taken care of or on their way to being fixed. Somehow it feels like something a safety person should have done but that's okay. I'd really like that safety job. ON the other hand, I'd like to leave this state. Interview tomorrow for a job in CA. About 11am my time.