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Tuesday Trailer

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Tuesday Trailer
  • So I bought a new to us one today.
    A 3 horse slant bumper pull. I know I already have one.
    But this one is all aluminum, 7' wide and 7' tall.
    A slightly larger tack room.

    It should accommodate the black monster and wide enough for longhorns when necessary.
    I need to clean out and sell the tin can. Sure I'll put it on the list.

    It is a little bull calf, So cute.

    Rolling out early tomorrow. Need to get to Fredburg by 10.
    Everyone have a terrific tomorrow!
  •  Today is actually the 10th but I got the picture here and am going with it.

    I put Whisper out for a couple of hours this noon.  She was happy until she found I was not going to stay and keep her company.  When I went back, she was delighted to see me.

     She came running to greet me.  She was very happy to get back in the barn.  She was not happy that I was not going to grain her.  She survived until I went back over later to bring her more warm water and to give her her grain.  She is such a trip.  I really enjoy her.

    She is a sweetie and rather photogenic.