and meetings.

The calf was born. Momma and calf were waiting separate from the rest of the herd then Pilot went to feed yesterday morning.
So their "Sun" name theme will work? Momma is Sunidae, Sister is Sunnidee.
Calf is all brown so I suggested Brownie Sundae. It has black hooves and nose so may turn black. Then Chocolate Sundae works?
Their calf they decide. Ours is due in February.

I have only heard one person ever say they had good Longhorn steaks.
Very lean meat. That is why we may try a few Wagyu crosses in the future.

Dry age is just aging under refrigeration. I forget the perfect temp. Google it and you should find the specifics.
But I just get some good looking steaks. Put them in the fridge on a rack in a container is best. Loosely or not covered for several days. Turn them over every day if you remember.
Don't let the outside get too dry. You can add tenderizer or marinade for a couple more days. Whatever your preference. Not true dry aging but is helpful.
As we move along in this beef adventure I may get serious and get a separate fridge set up for a more exact process.

We did not get steaks cooked because Sis and boys came by and dinner became leftovers.

Meetings are Resource this morning, which I offered to chair again because next in line is dealing with a family illness.
And this afternoon, committee meeting with contractors for Resale shop remodel. It will be a long day.

What is it that you want Hunterseat?

Everyone have a meaty Monday!