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Sunny Sunday somewhere?

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Sunny Sunday somewhere?
  • Not here.
    Today patchy drizzle before 9am, then a slight chance of showers after 9am. Cloudy, with a high near 62.
    South wind 15 to 20 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
    At least it is warm. Sunshine is coming after today.

    It's not fun when it freezes up and you have to get water to livestock.
    We ended up having to bring hoses in the house to thaw and draining the water heater and hauling water to cows.
    The outdoor faucets froze and cattle trough nearly froze solid.

    I take hot water to horses also. And double their salt.
    They get sheets if it goes below 30* We only have a few days a couple times of year that are really cold.

    Connie I would be interested in your opinion of the beef cuts you got.
    Longhorns here will be ground for burger. It is what we mostly use.
    I am a good steak picker-outer and can do well on grocery meat sales.
    We may at some point try a few Wagyu crosses.

    In fact I have a couple nice porterhouse I picked up on sale dry aging in the fridge.
    I think it is steak night.

    Everyone have super Sunday!

  • SUNNY HERE!! *waves arm in the air* But snow is forecast for tomorrow. rats

    We had T-bone a few days ago and boy had some leftovers so I fried up pieces with eggs and french toast for his breakfast. yum. I'll have to look up dry aging. Sounds interesting. If you do it, then it's awesome. You're a pretty amazing chef among your other many talents. :) Yes. I may want something.

    Hershey is full of attitude. I love him so much but he has to have a person who understands that his antics are all a big show.  An adopter was looking at a few geldings and I walked out there with Brielle and the adopter. Hershey spun his back end towards Brielle and she ignored him so he backed up until his butt was against her.... still no reaction from her. So he began hopping his butt in the air a little like a further threat that he was going to kick her. Nothing. She walked away and he went back to eating. I had a hard time ignoring that so I eased over to him and he showed some attitude so I grabbed his halter and backed him up a step or two. Stroked his nose and let him go. I tried to make him promise not to be naughty but he couldn't promise me. But he looked at me with both eyes and told me he'd try. :) I'm in love with him.

    It's bitter cold there and all those horses are pasture board. I think it was -6 or so today. Brielle is basically by herself, too. Well, the farm hand (at the breeding farm that owns the property) will go throw hay but she's out there breaking ice, doing wellness checks, etc. I'm looking forward to getting back over there.

    I'm going to have to get these dogs out. Almost said 'get dressed"' but it's 2 in the afternoon and that would make me look bad. :) Never mind that my shirt is leopard print flannel. And my pants have polar bears on them.

    Carry on! Hope no one freezes.

  • 65 degrees here in Oak Run.  The sky is the most beautiful azure blue with picture-perfect clouds decorating it.  Looks fake, to be honest, too pretty to be real.  100% chance of rain for tomorrow.  Keeping everything buttoned up, just in case.  

    Took Socks out yesterday for a few minutes.  Ugh, forgot it's mud season and the wheels on my phaeton look like I went mud-bogging.  Gonna try to get him out today too.  MUST clean Breezy's stall, YUK!  She is such an inveterate stall pig!  Aunt Bea is now a lovely auburn brown.  She's supposed to be a leopard (Think English Spotted Pony).  That girl does love mud!  Why is it (largely in this case) white horses love mud so? <laughing face palm>

    I do hope everyone had a blessed Sunday and will have a great week.

  • The long horn beef is good.  A different flavor than Angus or White Face but good.  Do not like the steaks, too much gristle.  Have tried porterhouse and round and both are hard to chew.  Oven baked the round and it didn't really help.  Might work for stew or soup.  I do, however, like the ground.  It is lean but I would rather add butter to the pan than have to dump grease out of one.  He is sending another one so I am hoping it is more tender. Really want some steaks for now and to grill this summer.

    It is 12 above and after six pm.  The feral cats actually came out of there house and stayed on the deck awhile.  They have only been coming out for food and drink.

    What is dry aging?  If it tenderizes I might try it.  I still have a couple of packages of porterhouse he gave me for samples.

    We are supposed to warm up this week.  Hoping to get Whisper out so she can move around.  

    Church was good.  My favorite pastor spoke and then we had our connect group get together after.  Always a wonderful time of fellowship, faith, sharing.  Very happy we are part of this group.

    Have a good week, all.