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Saturday I think...

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Saturday I think...
  • Yep. Checked my computer calendar. Gotta get dressed and take kiddo to work. He just got his bank account drained - whole paycheck gone. ugh. He had a panic attack last night. I got the bank on the phone and he seemed better once that ball was rolling.
    I hope the sun is shining in your world as brightly as it is in mine!! Now if the temps would climb just a teensy bit! Pretty brutal out there!
    Hawaii is steep but not as much where your son is, Connie. If you plan ahead there's no quarantine for dogs. I miss it sometimes but there are other places I'd rather be. Still, looking forward to revisiting. :)
  • It is now Sunday morning.  Negative 13.  yuck.  I have to suit up and go feed the horse and the barn cats.  Sun will be up soon.

    Hey, Hunter.  You rode a horse called Hershey in NJ...real name Here Iam C.  Was he sensible?  He is still there.  I thought he was shorter but the site says he is fifteen one.

    Brrr.  Our deep freeze is supposed to be over and we might warm up and rain this week.  Interesting weather here.  I guess Watertown is minus 36.  My horse seller friend there had minus twelve/thirteen when we spoke last night.  They are running a hose from the house to the barn.  They got the water line thawed/ cleared but now are waiting on a heat tape.  Must be sold out of the danged things up there in north country.  Hope they get it fixed soon.  A barn full of livestock takes a lot of water.  Plus the ones in the arena.

    Got our beef.  Actually organic long horn.  Never bought long horn beef before.  He sent some steaks so I could see if I want some.  I do but will wait for the next one to be processed.

    Hope everyone has a good and safe week.  Not sure if we will brave the cold and go to Church or not.