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Tuesday - baby it's cold outside!

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Tuesday - baby it's cold outside!
  • Teddy ran off and now I have to worry about whether he freezes to death or not. I'm sure he's fine. The rotten beast. Speak of the devil. He knows where the neighborhood catfood dishes and dog bones are to be had. I don't usually let him loose except it's so cold, I figured he'd do his business and come back right away. I think they have cabin fever like the rest of us. My coworker was talking about his mom really needing to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine. It's just so dang cold. The ice fishing tournament is this weekend. That coworker's sons have been catching some nice fish through the ice. He needs to take her out there and bundle her up and let her fish!! As long as he has enough blankets. She's recently lost her husband, Kevin's dad. I'm sure she's fairly lost. :(

    Nothing else to speak of. Same old same old. Being back to work after 3 days of freezing weather is really something. ugh. Frozen pipes...no heat. Business as usual.

    oh...we're watching Moonshiners. yay. anyone watch that? I'd be fine with no TV. oh well. Be glad to be gone. If I get the promotion where I am I'll sell and move closer to base. If I get another job elsewhere I'll sell and move there. Either way. You know girlzilla is locked up. When she gets out she wants to move back here. If I bide my time, give her more rope, she'll hang herself anyway so. No use me raising any fuss about it. The only reason she came here the first time is because they lied to me. I'm on to their tricks. lol
  • Connie, perhaps Whisper won't go out to pasture because (to her anyway, she is an Arab after all) it's a frozen hell?  Frankly I don't blame her.  Then again I am a wuss raised out here in sunny Soviet California.

    Hunter, I do hope you find the solutions that are best for you.  I'm so sorry Chatter turned out to be so overthrown by his awful daughter.  I also hope teddy is okay.  My Old English Sheepdog had to have a coat and booties when we moved up here in chilly Northern California.  Funny how a dog that hairy could be cold.  I did spoil her and she was a princess, to be sure.

    Went grocery shopping, got diesel, gas, and propane.  Stayed way too long in town and the kids were next door in the paddock long after dark.  They were pathetically happy to get back in their houses.  Louie has been on high alert all day and the neighbors are shooting at something.  So I think we might have a problem with some kind of Pred.  I should call the neighbors to find out what.  That gun they fired sounded like a small cannon!  Have to do TSC tomorrow for feed and supplies.  Was going to do it tonight, but Jmebear kind of overdid it and just about collapsed in Winco today.  So I insisted on heading back to the Farm.  I'll do TSC tomorrow myself.

    I never have understood New Years celebrations and everything that goes with it.  All the same, I do hope everyone around here (including the lurkers we never hear from) has a blessed, happy, prosperous, and all around GREAT new 2018!

    Me on New Years Eve:

  • Actually, my concern for her going to pasture is more to do with when the snow is gone.  However, when Skidder was here, they would go down to the pasture and run the length to stretch their legs.  On Tuesday afternoon, I put her out so I could do her stall.  We had sunshine and warmer temps, and she was back in her fret mode.    She is slowly improving with relaxing being out alone.  Still considering getting her a pasture mate.

    This is Wednesday morning and we are actually above zero for the second day in a row.  Only single digits but will be warmer when the sun  comes up.  Supposed to go to the double digits below by Thursday night/Friday morning.  Not really happy with these temps but it happens.