Hoping everyone has a good time ringing in the 2018. The fiscal year began October 1st so we've been seeing FY18 for a while. Actually, the 1st quarter of the year is over!

Shopping/dreaming for bathroom fixtures. Actually all we really need is a sink with stand but I think we're going to replace the tile floor. The walls need serious help. I want a back-lit mirror and we need an exhaust fan. There's still so much to do but... I'm determined to sell this place. Having frost build up on the inside of the windows is helping make the case for the replacement windows install. yay. At least they're purchased now.

I'm trying to keep warm. The dogs seem adept at running out, squatting, running back in. Even Teddy doesn't feel like running away in this arctic world. I'd love to go out and fire up the burn pile! There's plenty to burn and it might be fun (and warm).

I submitted a lateral move request to Yorktown, VA. That's right where I grew up. I have family in that area and it's close to DC and the outer banks where I have other great friends. I'd love to be near my sister but that may have to wait until I retire. I was looking at property taxes and CT is #4, VA is #37. There's good and bad everywhere you go.