were all those questions??
Tonto is 19, same as Jet.
Yes, he is at SaneHaven.
We are on alternate turnouts because Tex has decided he wants to kill Tonto.
So it is like a merry go round of trying to alternate horses so needs are met.
This morning Tex accidentally got out after I had already turned out Sarcee and Tonto.
The gate latches had frozen and I didn't latch Tex's so it wouldn't freeze while I was in his pen.
Well the wind blew the gate open and out he went.
Luckily I was able to catch him fairly quickly with a feed bucket.

So the temps right now are 30's. Tomorrow back to 50's thru the weekend.
Not too bad, hoping MaderChica and I will get in a few rides.
Skipping Cowie Friday this week to spend time with her.

I'll edit if I missed any ?s 

ETA - Farrier said he did fine, got busy doing stuff. He said he appreciated the invite.

Everyone have a nice toasty evening!