as Stude.
Yesterday was cow issue.
We have a mama cow ready to calve.
Yesterday her last years weaned calf decided to start nursing.
Not good and needed to separate.
Our friends own this particular cow/calf and luckily he was there to check on mama's progress.
So we penned calf and cow separately. Not such an easy job since they had been fed already.
Friend went for his trailer and calf went back to his place.
Of course it was the coldest drizzly day for this to happen.

We had maybe another 1/4 inch of rain just enough to mud everything up.

We had burgers at Sis's last night. MaderChica is excited to ride but waiting for the weather to cooperate.
I still haven't tried Tex's new saddle.

Today is prep day for Christmas dinner.
Pilot likes to do most of the big holiday dinners but I help make sure things move along in the proper overly manner.

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas and weekend!