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Thursday the week is through!

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Thursday the week is through!
  • I'm off tomorrow. Thank goodness. I think I'm going to go to RI and visit my awesome Aunt Kitty.

    No word on job interviews. I think everyone's nervous about the federal budget and nothing's moving.

    Since the cat got eaten I'm not overjoyed about living here. I can't relax with the dogs outside. I used to take them for log walks off-leash and those days are over. I'm spooked by the stupid coyotes. Then I get on the road to make that 31 mile drive to work and I just lean towards resentment. I need to get this house sold one way or another. I'm living with resentment and it's not good for me. Not to mention the people who have to listen to my whining. LOL

    Better get going.
  • Antibiotics seem to be helping.  Pressure is more tolerable and I can breathe.  Of course, Cal went for his physical about a week ago, said "yes" to the flu shot, even though he wasn't feeling well and now seems to have head to toe aches, just generally a feeling of yuck.  Hot bath, musenex and off to bed for him.

    My arab seems to think she is a cutting horse..or maybe herding.  I put  her out for a bit this afternoon and she got ahead of me as I headed for the gate and tried to keep me from leaving.  Told her she is not the boss and left.  She is a thinker.

    Got some of the furniture moved around today.  The living room end of this room is looking decent.  Now I just have to do the dining end.  Should have it done before Monday  .

    One sweet friend going through chemo.  By second round  (this week) two of the tumors had disappeared.  One dear friend just had a heart cath.  Goes back next month for a valve replacement.  They will use a beef valve.  He said they are stronger than the pig ones.  Both know the Lord. Still, I would like them both to stick around here for many more years.  Prayers welcome.

  • Okay... second try.  This site is being weird tonight.

    Chased the neighbor's livestock out of the yard twice tonight.  Once earlier just before sunset and again a few hours ago.  The second time I heard them and thought they were out in the yard eating grass.  Silly cattle are black and I didn't see them in the dark on the side of the house.  Ran into one and scared the crap out of him!  Got them running and got perhaps a bit too enthusiastic with the whip (using it as a noise maker) and they damaged the fence.  I'll have to fix that tomorrow.  Hopefully that convinces the silly things to stay on the other side of the Cattle Guard.  Lazy neighbors haven't maintained it for several years and now the cattle cross it at will because it has filled in.  I didn't mind just the one momma coming across with her calf.  But that calf is around eight hundred pounds now and he's bringing all his buddies with him.  Would not doubt this is more harrassment by that particular neighbor.  The hassle of moving looks more attractive every day.

    Jmebear much better today.  She was much more coherent.  We went in for an ultrasound and her results were good.  ie: they didn't find anything.

    Let the big'uns out for a few hours today.  Everyone had a nice roll and then run around the paddock.  They were so happy to get out.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy Christmas on Monday!