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Monday mutterings

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Monday mutterings
  • Connie, what scripture did you read?

    Stude , Mexican wedding cake has pineapple, pecans, coconut and usually cream cheese frosting.
    Sometimes it is drizzled with sweetened condensed milk.
    Pilot and I had it for our wedding cake and grooms cake was an Italian cream cake.

    We went to our fave Fredburg Italian place for lunch and it was crowded.
    Then hit the grocery store for the Christmas dinner grub.
    It was crowded but not excessively. You would think I would get the non perishables sooner?
    I hope I didn't forget anything. I guess I just don't go often enough.

    Tomorrow is take truck for inspection Kerrville day.
    A couple last gifts need to be found. Should be easy.

    Everyone have an utterly nice evening!

  • Fairly good day here. Work, business. Wait...busyness. Is that how I spell it?  Anyway I was busy.

    Yes, DaneHaven, I became addicted to Mexican wedding cake thanks to you. I take comfort in knowing I've caused further addiction as I bring it to work. This last time, gluten free, changed the whole dynamics plus there was no coconut. I'll look for a better recipe next time and BRING ON THE GLUTEN! It's so very easy to make, too.

    Connie, you forget I have a horse. If I could have a horse it would be the one I already have. Adoption fees are no problem, they support the program.

  • Thanks DH.  Sounds a lot like the Christmas Fruit cake I make.  Or used to anyway.  Not much done today.  Had to take jmebear in to see the doc.  Same tomorrow.

  • What Scripture did I read?  The wrong one.  I read John 5:7-15.  When the Scripture was messaged to me I did not notice the "1".  I was supposed to read 1John 5:7-15.  I never noticed until the pastor started speaking from First John.  I was very embarrassed.   Both Scriptures were complete.  Interesting that  the one I read, to me, dealt with following directions.

    I don't forget that you have Zag, Hunter.  He is a beauty and I know he has a good piece of your heart.

    Stude, fruit cake?  I LOVE fruit cake.

    My allergic reaction to the perfumed air freshener stuff spilled into a heat duct has turned into a full blown sinus infection.  Not  getting any better with over the counter stuff so I will call the doctor this morning and see if I can get in to get some antibiotics.  My face feels like all my upper teeth on the right side have abscessed roots, the pressure is so bad.

    Thankful my shopping is done.  Now to finish wrapping and get things moved around for our Christmas company.