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Sunday Scripture
  • The horizon is just starting to show signs of pink.  The sun is a'risin.

    All of the ferals outside around the house have had a venison breakfast.  Next I will head over to the barn and feed the two there and take care of Whisper.  Cal is taking a shower and I have a fresh cup of coffee.  The morning is starting well.

    Today I have the privilege of reading scripture in Church.  I love to do it.

    Oh, yesterday morning, I found Whisper's bandage in her stall.  I guess she was sick of it.  I checked her leg, no swelling.  Best of all, no heat.  After about three months the girl is looking a bit more normal.  

    I am thinking about getting her a heated bucket.  I have never trusted one in the stall and I am assured that they are safe.  She has an outlet just outside of her stall and I can put the cord through the screening, or drill a hole through the boards and plug it directly into the outlet, no extension cords, but would like some imput on the safety of these things.  I have been carrying hot water to the barn twice a day.  I have an electric tea kettle there to use for additional hot if needed.  Her bucket will freeze over with the single digit temps we have been having but I just am not sure.  I have a heated tub for outside, muck basket size, and it works fine but I can't see putting that in her stall.  It gives me visions of a flood or hay tea when I think of using it in there.

    Ah, the band of pink is getting wider on the horizon.  Almost light enough to walk down the road and over to the barn.

    Have a super day, all.

    Oh, Hunter, found out that the girl with Lena has connections with that rescue and can get fees waived.  She also can arrange transportation if needed.  Still, getting a horse I never sat on does not strike me as a wise move.  Interesting that a friend shared him with me and he is the horse you rode.

  • I've been making it a point of getting at least Socks out often as possible.  Only long-lining for the time being.  He was high as a kite on Tuesday last.  Didn't think putting to would be a good idea with him like that.  Didn't put to today either due to strong winds and the zap factor (lots of static electricity that makes him jumpy).  Also using this as a way to get Socks used to working in the back paddock.  It has been his playground up till recently, so I need to see how he will behave being worked back there.

    I used to read for church from time to time.  Terrified me.  However a lot of people loved to hear me read the KJV sometimes.  There are occasional advantages to talking funny.

    Hope everyone has a great week on this home run to Jesus' birthday party.