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Soupy Saturday

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Soupy Saturday
  • I need to make Toscana soup today.
    It is Pilot's favorite.
    I got soup ingredients last time I was at grocery store. I wanted to work on getting the freezer stocked.
    I forgot carrots, who forgets carrots when they are wanting to make soups??? Sis got carrots for me.

    Yesterday I took chicken enchilada soup for Cowie lunch, everyone loved it. I made a double batch so I would have some to stick in freezer.
    Lot of detail work at Cowies.
    A friend dropped off a dresser and nightstands. The top of dresser got damaged bouncing down the road but Richard didn’t think it was a big deal.
    Turner hooked up kitchen sink and dishwasher. John painted pantry and then assisted Turner.
    I cut cupboard shelving mats. I need to get more mat material we have lots resale.

    Will and I worked on getting fireplace ducting hooked up.
    There was an issue with air condition ducting conflicting with fireplace duct in attic
    Turner took over helping Will while I readied lunch.

    We all helped get washer/dryer relocated in laundry room.
    John installed ironing board and hung a bedroom door.
    And I did some sweeping and general cleanup.

    We are not going on the 22nd. But I will deliver a ham, turkey and canned goods to them on the 21st.
    Shirlene said their family Christmas celebration will be on the 23rd.
    She and Richard plan to work on the house through Christmas. Imagine that.

    We are expecting some more rain today.
    I am hoping for good weather for the holiday week.
    Mader Chica is arriving late Tuesday.

    I hope everyone is well and holiday preparations are well in hand.
    Have a souper Saturday!

  • No soup here but I just had a great corn tamale. With verde salsa. Discovered them in the frozen section of a store I don't usually go to but plan to go more frequently. :) A little eggnog and I'm ready for ice cream.

    We picked up windows today. We need 50+ degree days to get those in. Did laundry and some last minute shopping. I  still have to send out some stuff to kids. Thankfully they're used to me being late. I'm making brownies (peanut butter cheese cake brownies) to send out.

    Talked to my sister. Wanted to be sure she's still okay with boy moving into her duplex. Seems like all is well. Her hubby has a cancerous tumor he's fighting behind his eye. He's a gifted metalsmith. Really sucks for him, her, and the world in general.