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  • The high was 28 here today. That's just ridiculous. Who ever heard of such?

    I'll miss riding this weekend. I think Hershey is the horse you were talking about Connie. That's the one I rode last Friday.

    Okay I'm going to have to go. There's complaining I need to listen to. *rolls eyes*
  • I don't think it got that warm here.  It was in the single digits when I got up and didn't go very high.  I am sure we did not get above freezing.  It is now Saturday and it is 17  for a starter temp.  Much better than yesterday.

    Today we will deliver food bags for the interfaith council.    Each year we declare it is the last year but each year we say yes.  We always get asked on a nice sunny day and then delivery day always seems to be stormy.  Still, I am glad we can help with this community outreach.  It covers several small towns.

    Again, this is Saturday and I need to think about getting into my barn duds and heading over to take care of Whisper before we head on our delivery adventure.  Oh, I don't remember if I mentioned  that my favorite barn kitty is no longer with us.  Hurts so much to find them victims of the road.   His sister went off her feed and was loosing weight and then started sneezing.  I know there was a stray tom cat around and maybe he brought the sniffles with him?  Maybe he fought with my Pan and that is why the cat who never went into the road was dead there?  I started her on amoxycillin and she is feeling better.  It is getting hard to give her her meds.  She is eating like she was starved, which she was.  She likes me and loves it in Whisper's stall.  She spends a lot of time in there when I am in the barn.  

    well, have a great weekend, all.