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Tuesday about to get cold

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Tuesday about to get cold
  • We are in for about 4 days with lows in the 30's.
    Maybe even a snowflake or two.

    B called and suggested she come and decorate for us on Sunday. I was hoping for a ride. She brought Sis and ShyBoy to help. It all got done except the wreaths.

    Monday my Jury duty was cancelled. Yay! except I was going to use that waiting time to read my friend's recently published book.
    It will have to wait. I did the wreaths instead and added dirt to the stall pens.

    Today will be for winterizing.

    I bought a new saddle also. It is a synthetic treeless endurance. I am hoping it will work for me on Tex.
    I haven't yet tried the bareback pad rig that I got for him. It belonged to the late Gomez that TGrammy gave to me.
    Rides are few and far between these days. Too dang busy!

    Good to see Whisper moving out.
    Everyone have safe rest of the week!

  • The wind was so strong last night it picked up our car tent and moved it over(just the front, made it katty corner) it even put it over the generator that had been sitting near it.  I went out after lunch and started the slow process of moving it back.  When Cal came out (he didn't know what I was up to) I almost had it where it belongs.  He put the door back on.  Having it off, every vehicle that went by seemed to fill it with air and make it move.  Tonight, all we have to do is move the snowblower out and he can put the car in.

    On a roll, I took some plastic and started closing in the cat deck.  It is not done totally, or even correctly but it is better than it was.

    Going over to see Whisper seemed like a vacation.  She is fine.

    Not sure what the weather will bring us this week but I don't think we are in for the snow the western part of the state is supposed to get.

    Hope everyone has a great week and hope DH loves that new saddle.

  • I was thinking of you and Karen over in Brookfield a lot yesterday.  There is a nice Spartan for sale in Stamford that I was coveting...

    The wind has been blowing hard here too.  I have a  fabric carport over my trailer that has been snapping, cracking, creaking and groaning like the rigging on a  sailboat.  Kinda makes me miss sailing a little bit...